sketched these a few days ago trying to remember how to use photoshop

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celesteyoung asked:"You're drawings are amazing first off, just needed to say that. I have a question if you don't mind, what do you use to draw art and stuff? If an iPad, which app? Or a computer of some sort. I've been trying to figure out which is the best one to draw on. Thank you! :)"

i dont recommend using an ipad, because they dont have pressure sensitivity, so your lines wouldnt have any taper or change in opacity (remember tegaki E anyone?) some people can work like that but overall its just a lot harder.

i personally use a graphics tablet, mine was pretty cheap and ive had it for about 3 years, ive only had a problem with the pen once but its easy to replace (the replacement pen is better in my opinion) i got my tablet here, its kinda big but i like that, its just not very portable. theres more sizes on the site if you prefer something less bulky. monoprice makes pretty decent tablets for cheaper than the big names like wacom do.

i use my mac laptop with it for drawing, and as for drawing programs, ive used photoshop and  painttool sai and i love them both, but they are a bit different in function so id suggest trying both to see which you like better. right now i actually use firealpaca, which is kind of like a combination of the two, but doesnt have as many options. you can download it for free here, the best thing about firealpaca is it works with mac, and sai doesnt. (there was a new update a while back that may have changed that but i didnt bother to try it out..)

i suggest still doing a bit more research before you buy anything to use, because you might not like that, but try out as many different options as you want. it takes a bit of trial and error but eventually youll find something you’re comfortable with

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Anonymous asked:"I think one of the Hetalia Drama CD's described Iceland as "cold on the outside, fiery on the inside""

yeah exactly, i just really love that about him. i feel like i can relate to him a lot from around when i was in high school

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friendly-titan asked:"I love the tutorials you do and I'm following you and yes thank you! Much love!!"

thank you! im surprised these tutorials are helping anyone i dont think im all that good at them

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i didnt have anything lying around so i whipped up a quick one, (tumblr is doing the thing where i cant answer w more than one photo so..)

hands are the easiest hard thing to draw, all you have to do is figure out all the shapes and then you’re golden! 

that simplest way to view a hand is a box on top of another box, about the same size (depending on the person fingers can be shorter or longer than the palm but thats unnecessary at this point)

then youve got fingers, 

things get a bit more complicated when you define joints,

aaand this is actually kind of a bad hand.. im usually less strict about anatomy so this looks pretty rigid

palms look hard, (so many lines!) but theyre actually pretty simple. usually you can break it down to just these 3 main shapes:

obviously they do get a bit more complicated if youre getting detailed, but its not too hard (i think palms are actually my favorite part to draw)

when im drawing hands i usually just start out with a squishy box for the palm,

and then you add some rectangles (cylinders really but whos got time for that) actually i dont usually draw these out unless its a particularly tricky pose, this is just kinda for tutorials sake

and then you have some hands!

and i hope yall know that looking at a tutorial isnt gonna make you an instant artist. there is some degree of “oh so thats how that works!” but its not some instant success. if you want to be a good artist, honestly, and i know ive repeated this in every one of my tutorials, just DRAW. WHAT. YOU. SEE. if youre sitting in class look at the kid next to/in front of you. draw their hair, draw their face, draw their hands, draw YOUR hands, draw anything and everything you see. try carrying a little sketchbook with you everywhere and draw something instead of taking a picture (i should follow my own advice wow i havent been doing this lately and i think it shows)

just draw. it may take a while but you will improve, and theres no end to improvement.

and im sorry i didnt add a clothes tutorial.. i may try to go into that another time but im not sure how to go about it, clothes are just one of those things where tutorials dont really help at all, (at least in my opinion?) its more of a learn by doing kind of thing

Anonymous asked:"You're really talented. I don't know how to describe it but I love the form of the people you draw :)"

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his name is Henry. and i love him.

his name is Henry. and i love him.

fyeahbelgianwaffles asked:"Your art is so cute ! You gained a follower !"