diedamedersheeplings asked:"This is like the third time I've messaged you about your Prussia recolor but I went back and stared at it again and I can't stop staring and it's super cute help you are an art force not to be messed with"

Anonymous asked:"i love how u draw aph england,,,,, sO, much bye I'm ded u killed me"

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Anonymous asked:"do you think someone could learn drawing in just a summer? and do you have any tips on it? love your art btw!"

uh honestly im not to knowledgable in the “learning drawing” as an adult/teen area, because for me it was a steady process since i was like 4. so yeah i dont have any idea how the whole “immediate success” thing works but obviously for some people it does? ive seen some people with hella rad skills be like “oh yeah i only started last year” and thats UNBELIEVABLY COOL, but not everyone has that ability. if you practice CONSTANTLY you will get pretty good pretty quick, but its definitely easier for some people than others.

also theres no end to learning how to draw, theres no “ultimate goal” or anything, you’re never finished. if you practice hard though you will definitely be better by the end of the summer than you were in the beginning. you can set your own goals to reach but i have no doubt that when you reach that goal you’ll already have another. no one is ever done learning, but thats what makes it so fun!

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thedoctorscompanion10 asked:"Hi there, your Arthur leaving the magic society AU idea was really good, I'm staring to plan a story is that alright by you? I mean, I don't think anything will come of it in the end but if something were, I would cite you for the inspiration ^^ You have some amazing art by the way"

PLEASE go right ahead, its been killing me that i couldn’t come up with a story around that setting! if you want ideas for character roles and such though you can always come to me, thats really all im good for..

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you know when you wear a thing and then you’re like “dang i have to draw it now”

you know when you wear a thing and then you’re like “dang i have to draw it now”